11.11.2 Downgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure when Upgrade Fails

If upgrade of Oracle Grid Infrastructure fails before CVU post upgrade checks succeed, then you can run gridSetup.bat and downgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure to the earlier release.

Run this procedure to downgrade Oracle Clusterware only when the upgrade fails before CVU post upgrade checks succeed:
  1. From the later release Grid home, run gridSetup.bat in silent mode, to downgrade Oracle Clusterware:
    C:\> C:\app\18.0.0\grid\gridSetup.bat -silent –downgrade –nodes nodes_to_be_downgraded 
    -oldHome previous_release_grid_home_to_downgrade_to] 

    On UNIX systems, run gridSetup.sh instead of gridSetup.bat.


  • You can downgrade the cluster nodes in any sequence.

  • Ensure that the user who performs the downgrade procedure is the same user who performed the upgrade procedure, and belongs to the same user groups, ORA_ASMDBA and ORA_ASMADMIN.