A.5.2 Running Postinstallation Configuration Using a Response File

Complete this procedure to run configuration assistants configuration with the -executeConfigTools command.

  1. Edit the response file and specify the required passwords for your configuration. You can use the response file created during installation, located at Oracle_home\install\response\product_timestamp.rsp. For example, for Oracle Grid Infrastructure:
  2. Change directory to the Oracle home containing the installation software. For example, for Oracle Grid Infrastructure:
    cd Grid_home
  3. Run the configuration script using the following syntax:

    For Oracle Grid Infrastructure:

    gridSetup.bat -executeConfigTools -responsefile Grid_home\install\response\product_timestamp.rsp
    For Oracle Database:
    setup.exe -executeConfigTools -responseFile Oracle_home\install\response\product_timestamp.rsp

    For Oracle Database, you can also edit and use the response file located in the directory Oracle_home\inventory\response\:

    setup.exe -executeConfigTools -responseFile Oracle_home\inventory\response\db_install.rsp

    The postinstallation configuration tool runs the installer in the graphical user interface mode, displaying the progress of the postinstallation configuration.

    Specify the [-silent] option to run the postinstallation configuration in the silent mode.

    For example, for Oracle Grid Infrastructure:

    gridSetup.bat -executeConfigTools -responseFile Grid_home\install\response\grid_2016-09-09_01-03-36PM.rsp -silent

    For Oracle Database:

    setup.exe -executeConfigTools -responseFile Oracle_home\inventory\response\db_2016-09-09_01-03-36PM.rsp -silent