Description of the illustration policy_propagation122.png

The image policy_propagation122.png shows the Database Vault Policy Management page, and focuses on the Available Policies area. Under "Database Vault Policy Management" is the following text :

"The Database Vault Policy Management feature enables the propagation of database vault policies like Realms, Command Rules, Secure Application roles, Factors and Rulesets from a source database to multiple destination databases.This allows to propagate database security policies across an enterprise."

Following this text is the Available Policies area, which has the legend "The following is the list of all the available database vault policies. Select the policies that need to be propagated to the destination databases." From left to right under it are the links Select All, Select None, Expand All, Collapse All.

In the table that follows are these columns: Select, Name, and Status. Under Name is a Policies list, which contains the different categories of Database Vault components: Realms, Command Rules, Secure Application Roles, and Rule Sets. This screenshot shows the Secure Application Roles link expanded, with two roles displayed.

Following Available Policies is the Destination Databases area, which isdescribed in the next step.