Removing an RPM-based Oracle Database Installation

Use this procedure to remove and deinstall a database installed using the yum command.

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Run the following command to remove the RPM-based database installation:
    # yum -y remove oracle-database-ee-18c

If the yum command detects other configured components in the Oracle home such as databases or listeners, then it stops the deinstallation process. A message is displayed that instructs you to remove the configured components manually. To remove these configured components:

  1. Login as the Oracle Database installation owner user (oracle).

  2. To remove any database associated with your installation, use Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (Oracle DBCA).

    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 
    $ ./dbca
  3. To remove any listeners associated with your installation, run Oracle Net Configuration Assistant (Oracle NETCA).

    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin 
    $ ./netca
  4. Log in as root and run the yum command again to remove the rpm-based database installation.

    # yum -y remove oracle-database-ee-18c