About Image-Based Oracle Database Installation

Starting with Oracle Database 18c, installation and configuration of Oracle Database software is simplified with image-based installation.

To install Oracle Database, create the new Oracle home, extract the image file into the newly-created Oracle home, and run the setup wizard to register the Oracle Database product.

Using image-based installation, you can install and upgrade Oracle Database for single-instance and cluster configurations.

This installation feature streamlines the installation process and supports automation of large-scale custom deployments. You can also use this installation method for deployment of customized images, after you patch the base-release software with the necessary Release Updates (Updates) or Release Update Revisions (Revisions).


You must extract the image software (db_home.zip) into the directory where you want your Oracle Database home to be located, and then run the Oracle Database Setup Wizard to start the Oracle Database installation and configuration. Oracle recommends that the Oracle home directory path you create is in compliance with the Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture recommendations.