Downloading the Software from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

You can download the software from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud as Media Packs. A Media Pack is an electronic version of the software that is also available to Oracle customers on CD-ROM or DVD. To download the Media Pack:

  1. Use any browser to access the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud website:
  2. Complete the Export Validation process by entering information (name, company, e-mail address, and country) in the online form.
  3. In the Media Pack Search page, specify the Product Pack and Platform to identify the Media Pack you want to download. If you do not know the name of the Product Pack, you can search for it using the License List.
  4. Optionally, select the relevant product to download from the Results list.
  5. In the search results page, click Readme to download and review the Readme file for download instructions and product information.
  6. After you review the Readme, choose the appropriate Media Pack from the search results to download the individual zip files. Follow the Download Notes instructions in this page. Once you download and extract the contents of the required zip files, proceed with the installation of the software.


    Print the page with the list of downloadable files. It contains a list of part numbers and their corresponding descriptions to refer during the installation process.

  7. After you download the files, click View Digest to verify that the MD5 or SHA-1 checksum matches with what is listed in the media download page.

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