Editing a Response File Template

Oracle provides response file templates for each product and the installation type, and for each configuration tool. These files are located in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\assistants directory, and the database\response directory on the Oracle Database installation media.


If you copied the software to a hard disk, the response files are located in the stage_area\database\response directory.

The following table lists the available sample response files:

All response file templates contain comment entries, sample formats, examples, and other useful instructions. Read the response file instructions to understand how to specify values for the response file variables, so that you can customize your installation.

Table C-2 Response Files

Response File Name Description


Silent installation of Oracle Database 18c


Silent installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure


Silent installation of Database Configuration Assistant


Silent installation of Oracle Net Configuration Assistant


When you modify a response file template and save a file for use, the response file may contain plain text passwords. Ownership of the response file must be given to the Oracle software installation owner only. Oracle strongly recommends that database administrators or other administrators delete or secure response files when they are not in use.

To copy and modify a response file:

  1. Copy the appropriate response files from the database\response directory on the Oracle Database media to your hard drive.
  2. Modify the response files with a text file editor.
  3. Run the response file.