Step 2: On the Local Computer, Map the DVD Drive

Perform these steps on the local computer to map a remote DVD drive and to run Oracle Universal Installer from the mapped drive:

  1. Map the remote DVD drive.

    1. Start Windows Explorer on the local computer.

    2. From the Tools menu, select Map Network Drive to display the Map Network Drive dialog box.

    3. Select a drive letter to use for the remote DVD drive.

    4. In Folder, enter the location of the remote DVD drive using the following format:



      • remote_hostname is the name of the remote computer with the DVD drive.

      • share_name is the share name that you entered in step 4 of the previous procedure. For example:

    5. If you must connect to the remote computer as a different user, click different user name, and enter the user name.

    6. Click Finish.

  2. Run Oracle Universal Installer from the mapped DVD drive.