Running Net Configuration Assistant Using a Response File

When you run Net Configuration Assistant with a response file, you run it in a silent mode.

This lets you configure and start an Oracle Net listener on the system, configure naming methods, and configure Oracle Net service names. To run NetCA in a silent mode, use the netca.rsp response file in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\assistants\netca directory, and the response directory in the database\response directory on the DVD.


If you copied the software to a hard disk, the response files are located in the stage_area\database\response directory.

On Windows, you must open command prompt with the Administrator privileges.

To create a Net Configuration Assistant response file:

  1. Copy the netca.rsp response file template from the response file directory to a directory on your system.

    The netca.rsp is located in the database\response directory on the Oracle Database installation media.

  2. Open the response file in a text editor.

  3. Edit the file, following the instructions in the file.

    Net Configuration Assistant fails if you do not correctly configure the netca.rsp response file.

To run Net Configuration Assistant using the response file you just created, run Net Configuration Assistant in silent mode as follows, replacing local_dir with the directory where you placed your version of the netca.rsp response file:

C:\ORACLE_HOME\bin> netca /silent /responsefile local_dir\netca.rsp

For example:

C:\ORACLE_HOME\bin> netca /silent /responsefile