DBA_HIST_REPORTS_CONTROL contains control information about the report capture mechanism that automatically captures XML reports to Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).

Reports are captured automatically for components like SQL Monitor and Real-Time Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Real-Time ADDM).

Column Datatype NULL Description



Database ID of the current database for the report



Mode of execution of automatic report capture. Possible values:

  • REGULAR: Regular per-minute report capture subject to DBTIME budget

  • FULL_CAPTURE: Report capture will be run per minute without the DBTIME budget constraints and is provided to capture a more comprehensive set of reports

NOTE: The FULL_CAPTURE mode can be started and ended respectively by executing the START_REPORT_CAPTURE and FINISH_REPORT_CAPTURE APIs in the DBMS_AUTO_REPORT package. At all other times, the execution mode should be REGULAR.

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