1.187 MAX_PDBS

MAX_PDBS allows you to limit the number of pluggable databases (PDBs) that can be created in a CDB or an application container.

Property Description

Parameter type


Default value

Depends on the Oracle Database edition

Possible values: 5, 254, or 4098



Modifiable in a PDB

No. However, this parameter can be modified in the application root of an application container.

Range of values

Minimum: 0

Maximum: The default value for the Oracle Database edition (5, 254, or 4098)



Oracle RAC

The same value must be used on all instances.

This parameter can only be set while connected to the CDB root or an application root.

This parameter applies to PDBs, application containers, and application PDBs. An application PDB is a PDB that resides in an application container.

This parameter does not apply to the PDB seed (PDB$SEED), application seeds, or application root clones.


The maximum number of PDBs that you are allowed to create in a CDB depends on the licensing policy for your Oracle Database edition. To learn more, refer to the Oracle Multitenant information in the "Consolidation" table in Oracle Database Licensing Information User Manual.