SHARED_SERVERS specifies the number of server processes that you want to create when an instance is started. If system load decreases, then this minimum number of servers is maintained. Therefore, you should take care not to set SHARED_SERVERS too high at system startup.
Property Description

Parameter type


Default value

0, meaning that shared server is not on.

If you are using shared server architecture or if the DISPATCHERS parameter is set such that the total number of dispatchers is more than 0, then the default value is 1.



Modifiable in a PDB


Range of values

The value of this parameter should be less than MAX_SHARED_SERVERS. If it is greater than or equal to MAX_SHARED_SERVERS, then the number of servers will not be self-tuned but will remain constant, as specified by SHARED_SERVERS.



Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (, the SHARED_SERVERS parameter can be set on PDBs. However, unlike most other parameters that can be set on a PDB, this parameter can only be used within a PDB to enable or disable use of shared servers for that PDB. Therefore, in a PDB, the DBA can either set SHARED_SERVERS to 0 to disable use of shared servers for that PDB or use ALTER SYSTEM RESET SHARED_SERVERS to re-enable shared servers for the PDB. The configuration of shared servers for the CDB can only be done in the root.

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