THREADED_EXECUTION specifies whether to enable the multithreaded Oracle model.

Property Description

Parameter type


Default value




Modifiable in a PDB


Range of values

true | false



Oracle RAC

If specified, all instances must use the same value

Starting in Oracle Database 12c, the multithreaded Oracle model enables Oracle processes on UNIX and Linux to run as operating system threads in separate address spaces.

By default, some background processes on UNIX and Linux always use threaded execution; the remaining Oracle processes run as operating system processes. Thus, an "Oracle process" is not always equivalent to an "operating system process."


When this initialization parameter is set to TRUE, which enables the multithreaded Oracle model, operating system authentication is not supported. Attempts to connect to the database using operating system authentication (for example, CONNECT / AS SYSDBA or CONNECT / ) when this initialization parameter is set to TRUE receive an ORA-01031 "insufficient privileges" error.

The solution to this error is to always use the password when connecting to the database.

Also, when this initialization parameter is set to TRUE, the DEDICATED_THROUGH_BROKER_listener-name=ON parameter should be added to the listener.ora file, where listener-name is the name of the Oracle Net listener and the LOCAL_LISTENER initialization parameter should be set to a TNS name entry corresponding to your instance service. This enables the server to spawn threads when connections to the database are requested through the listener.

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