Upgrading Externally Authenticated SSL Users After Upgrading Oracle Database

If you are upgrading from Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) or Oracle Database 10g Release 1 (10.1), and you are using externally authenticated SSL users, then you must run the SSL external users conversion (extusrupgrade) script to upgrade those users.

The extusrupgrade script has the following syntax, where ORACLE_HOME is the Oracle database home, hostname is the name of the host on which the database is running, port_no is the listener port number, sid is the system identifier for the database instance, and db_admin is the database administrative user with privileges to modify user accounts.

ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/bin/extusrupgrade --dbconnectstring 
hostname:port_no:sid --dbuser db_admin --dbuserpassword 
password -a

For example:

extusrupgrade --dbconnectstring dlsun88:1521:10gR2 --dbuser system --dbuserpassword manager -a


If you are upgrading from Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) or later, then you are not required to run the extusrupgrade script.

See Also:

Oracle Database Enterprise User Security Administrator's Guide for more information about the extusrupgrade script