Description of the illustration awr_baselines.gif

The AWR Baselines page is shown.

At the top right of the page is a label-value pair. The label is Page Refreshed and the value is Feb 7, 2012 12:05:38 PM CST. To the right of the pair is the Refresh button.

On the left is the Search field, which is empty. Next to the field is the Go button. On the far right is the Create Button.

Underneath are the following elements: Edit button, View button, Delete button, Actions list (set to Schedule Statistics Computation), and Go button.

Below them is a table that has the following columns: Select, Name, Type, Valid, Statistics Computed, Last Time Computed, Start Time, End Time, Error Count. The Select column values appear as selectable options. The Name values are links.

The table has one row. The values of the row are the following: (option selected), SYSTEM MOVING WINDOW, MOVING_WINDOW (8 Days), Yes, Pending, Feb 11 2012 6:00:00 PM, Jan 30 2012 12:30:51 PM, Feb 7 2012 12:00:22 PM, 0.

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