Description of the illustration mon_sql_exec.gif

This screenshot shows the Monitored SQL Executions page. At the top right of the page is the label-value pair Page Refreshed: 2:50:54 p.m GMT-0500 and the Auto Refresh field with the value 10 Seconds selected.

Below the title of the page is the Top 100 By field with the value Last Active Time selected and the Type field with the value All selected. Next to those fields are the following links: Execution Detail, SQL Detail, and Session Detail. The SQL Detail link is inactive. At the far right is a search field with the value ID selected.

The Monitored SQL Executions table has the following columns: Status, Duration, Type, ID, SQL Plan Hash, User, Parallel, Database Time, IO Requests, Start, Ended, SQL Text. The values in the following columns are links or display information when the cursor points to them: Status, Duration, Type, ID, User, Database Time, IO Requests, SQL Text.

Five rows are shown in the table. The first row is selected. The values in the rows are the following:

Row 1: Completed symbol, 2.2m, Composite database operation symbol, DBOP_EXAMPLE, null, SH, null, bar and 2.2m, bar and 1,480, 2:45:27 p.m., 2:47:37 p.m., null.

Row 2: Completed symbol, 43.0s, SQL statement symbol, 75g0d6c4dh7r8, SH, 984733633, bar and 42.2s, bar and 1,480, 2:46:54 p.m., 2:47:37 p.m., SELECT MAX(asld) FRO...

Row 3: Completed symbol, 1.4m, PL/SQL statement symbol, dujtfas55fcnm, null, SH, null, bar and 1.4m, null, 2:45:27 p.m., 2:46:52 p.m., declare -- v1 varchar2(...

Row 4: Completed symbol, 15.3m, SQL statement symbol, 4uc5wdg4pfwzu, 1595425967, SH, bar and 5.5s, bar and 2,520, null, 2:30:07 p.m., SELECT c.cust_id,

Row 5: Completed symbol, 10.0s, SQL statement symbol, f6cz4n8y72xdc, 3997450164, null, bar and 9.2s, bar and 721, 2:23:40 p.m., 2:23:50 p.m., SELECT space_usage_k...