Description of the illustration top_mod.gif

The Top Modules section is displayed.

The View list shows the value Top Modules.

The table has the following columns: Activity (%), Service, Module. The Activity column represents values as a horizontal bar chat with an associated number. The other columns represent values as links.

Six rows are shown in the table. The values of the rows are the following:

Row 1: 84.33, SYS$USERS, SQL*Plus.

Row 2: 11.19, SYS$BACKGROUND, null.


Row 4: 1.49, SYS$BACKGROUND, null.

Row 5: 0.75, SYS$USERS, emagent@dbhost.

Row 6: 0.75, emtst, OEM.SystemPool.

Below the table is a label-value pair. The label is Total Sample Count and the value is 134.

End of description.