Description of the illustration tgsql_vm_067.eps

This graphic shows a DBA icon pointing up to a SQL Access Advisor icon. The advisor points right to a Recommendations box. Inside the box are the following recommendations: Indexes, Materialized Views, Materialized View Logs, Partitions. Tacked to the box is a piece of paper. The advisor points up to an Optimizer box that contains the text "Automated Tuning Optimizer." A calculator is attached to the box. The advisor points left to a Workload box that contains several SQL statements. Above the Workload box is a filter icon labeled "Filter Options." An arrow points right to Filter Operations. The arrow has three sources: a Hypothetical box; a Shared Pool box; a SQL Tuning Set box. The Shared Pool contains a Library Cache box, which contains a Shared SQL Area box, which contains a dotted-line box that contains the text "SELECT * FROM employees."