Preparing for Database Rolling Upgrades Using Oracle Data Guard

If you use Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) with Oracle Data Guard to carry out a rolling upgrade, then you must move the Data Guard Broker configuration files before starting your upgrade.

The default location for the DB_BROKER_CONFIG files is in the dbs directory in the earlier release Oracle Database Oracle home. When you use DBUA to carry out a rolling upgrade of database instances using Oracle Data Guard, you must move the DG_BROKER_CONFIG files to a mountpoint location outside of the earlier release Oracle home. Also ensure that the DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILEn parameters specify that location, instead of a location in the earlier release Oracle home. During database upgrade don't migrate the listener, Once DBUA completes, stop the listener, shutdown the database, copy over the listener.ora & tnsnames.ora from the old 12.2 environment to the 18.1environment and start the listener and database

Tasks Before Starting Your Upgrade

To enable access to the DB_BROKER_CONFIG files during a rolling upgrade, you must complete the following tasks before starting the upgrade

  1. Before you start the upgrade, set the Oracle Data Guard files DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILE1 and DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILE2 to a separate mountpoint on your server that is outside of the Oracle home path for either the source or target Oracle Database Oracle homes.

  2. Complete a successful upgrade of your earlier release Oracle home to the new Oracle Database release.

Tasks During the Upgrade

Do not migrate the listener during the upgrade.

Tasks After Completing Your Upgrade

  1. Stop the listener for the new release Oracle Database.

  2. Shut down the new release Oracle Database.

  3. Copy over the listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files from the earlier release Oracle Database to the new release Oracle Database.

  4. Start the Listener and new release Oracle Database

Refer to Oracle Data Guard Broker for information about moving your Data Guard Broker configuration files.

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