2 Introduction

Oracle Database XE is a fully free edition of the Oracle Database.

Development Environments

Oracle Database XE supports the following development environments:

Scripting Languages

You can use scripting languages such as:

Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Demonstration Programs

A set of OCI demonstration programs and their corresponding project files are available in the $ORACLE_HOME/demo subdirectory after an Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) installation.

You can run these OCI demonstration programs to familiarize yourself with the steps involved in developing OCI applications. The Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) does not support generating the client shared library. The build option in demo_rdbms.mk is not valid for XE. You can compile and link application and demo programs with the provided header files. Because the object (.o's) and archive (.a's) libraries are not available in the installed location, you cannot use genclntsh and genclntst.


You can download and install Oracle Database Examples in an existing Oracle home to view the product demonstrations.

See Examples Installation Guide for more information about products available on the Oracle examples media

Examples are also available from https://github.com/oracle/oracle-db-examples

Learning More About Oracle Database XE

For more information on Oracle Database XE, see the following: