Description of the illustration perf_hub_rt_addm_report_det.gif

The title of the report appears at the top left of the Real-Time ADDM Report page. The Hide Time Picker and Show Active Report Details buttons appear to the right of the report title. To the far right of the Show Active Report Details button is the Save button.

The time picker shows the time period that was selected at the time the report was generated, and the shaded blocks in the time picker indicate the time period for which the report is generated.

The ADDM Findings tab is selected in the report. It includes the Findings table, which has the Finding, Scope, Priority, Number of Recommendations, and Impact % columns.

The Details table on the ADDM Findings tab includes Recommendation Details and Finding Details for the selected finding in the Findings table. The Findings Details table includes the Session ID, Blocker Type, Process, Blockers, Event, and Time(s) columns.