Description of the illustration adxdb019.eps

This diagram shows two boxes on the far left side: one labeled "FTP Client" and the other labeled "HTTP WebDAV Client". Both have lines exiting on their right sides that connect to a circle labeled "Network".

"Network" has a line on its right side that connects to a box labeled "Protocol Server", which is inside a larger box labeled "Oracle XML DB Repository". In addition to including the box labeled "Protocol Server", the "Oracle XML DB Repository" box includes five other sub-boxes: "FTP Server", "HTTP/WebDAV Server", "Foldering", "Configuration Management", and "ACL Security". "Protocol Server" has a single line on its right side that branches to connect to "FTP Server" and "HTTP/WebDAV Server". "FTP Server" and "HTTP/WebDAV Server" each have a line on their right sides that connects to a vertical line (functioning as a bracket) that encompasses the three boxes labeled "Foldering", "Configuration Management", and "ACL Security".