B.1 oclumon debug

Use the oclumon debug command to set the log level for the Cluster Health Monitor services.


oclumon debug [log daemon module:log_level] [version]


Table B-1 oclumon debug Command Parameters

Parameter Description

log daemon module:log_level

Use this option change the log level of daemons and daemon modules.

Supported daemons are:

  • osysmond
  • ologgerd
  • client
  • all

Supported daemon modules are:

  • osysmond: CRFMOND, CRFM, and allcomp
  • ologgerd: CRFLOGD, CRFLDREP, CRFM, and allcomp
  • client: OCLUMON, CRFM, and allcomp
  • all: allcomp

Supported log_level values are 0, 1, 2, and 3.


Use this option to display the versions of the daemons.

Example B-1 oclumon debug

The following example sets the log level of the system monitor service (osysmond):
$ oclumon debug log osysmond CRFMOND:3
The following example displays the versions of the daemons:
$ oclumon debug version

OCLUMON  version :0.02
OSYSMOND  version :12.01
OLOGGERD  version :2.01
NODEVIEW version :12.01
Clusterware version - label date: - 160825