About the Oracle Preinstallation RPM

If your Linux distribution is Oracle Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and you are an Oracle Linux support customer, then you can complete most preinstallation configuration tasks by using the Oracle Preinstallation RPM for your release.

Oracle Preinstallation RPMs are available from the Oracle Linux Network or available on the Oracle Linux DVDs. Using the Oracle Preinstallation RPM is not required, but Oracle recommends you use it to save time in setting up your cluster servers.

When installed, the Oracle Preinstallation RPM does the following:

  • Automatically downloads and installs any additional RPM packages needed for installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database, and resolves any dependencies

  • Creates an oracle user, and creates the oraInventory (oinstall) and OSDBA (dba) groups for that user

  • As needed, sets sysctl.conf settings, system startup parameters, and driver parameters to values based on recommendations from the Oracle Preinstallation RPM program

  • Sets hard and soft resource limits

  • Sets other recommended parameters, depending on your kernel version

  • Sets numa=off in the kernel for Linux x86_64 machines.


The Oracle Preinstallation RPM does not install OpenSSH, which is required for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. If you perform a minimal Linux installation and install the Oracle Preinstallation RPM for your release, then you must also install the OpenSSH client manually. Using RSH is no longer supported.

To become an Oracle Linux Network customer, contact your sales representative or purchase a license from the Oracle Linux store:


To register your server on the Unbreakable Linux Network, or to find out more information, see the following URL:


If you are using Oracle Linux 5.2 or a higher release, then the Oracle Preinstallation RPM is included on the install media.


The Oracle Preinstallation RPM designated for each Oracle Database release sets kernel parameters and resource limits only for the user account oracle. To use multiple software account owners, you must perform system configuration for other accounts manually.