Installing the cvuqdisk RPM for Linux

If you do not use an Oracle Preinstallation RPM, and you want to use the Cluster Verification Utility, then you must install the cvuqdisk RPM.

Without cvuqdisk, Cluster Verification Utility cannot discover shared disks, and you receive the error message "Package cvuqdisk not installed" when you run Cluster Verification Utility. Use the cvuqdisk RPM for your hardware (for example, x86_64).
  1. Locate the cvuqdisk RPM package, which is located in the directory Grid_home/cv/rpm. Where Grid_home is the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home directory.
  2. Copy the cvuqdisk package to each node on the cluster. You should ensure that each node is running the same version of Linux.
  3. Log in as root.
  4. Use the following command to find if you have an existing version of the cvuqdisk package:
    # rpm -qi cvuqdisk

    If you have an existing version of cvuqdisk, then enter the following command to deinstall the existing version:

    # rpm -e cvuqdisk
  5. Set the environment variable CVUQDISK_GRP to point to the group that owns cvuqdisk, typically oinstall. For example:
    # CVUQDISK_GRP=oinstall; export CVUQDISK_GRP
  6. In the directory where you have saved the cvuqdisk RPM, use the command rpm -iv package to install the cvuqdisk package. For example:
    # rpm -iv cvuqdisk-1.0.10-1.rpm