Standard Oracle Database Groups for Database Administrators

Oracle Database has two standard administration groups: OSDBA, which is required, and OSOPER, which is optional.

  • The OSDBA group (typically, dba)

    You must create this group the first time you install Oracle Database software on the system. This group identifies operating system user accounts that have database administrative privileges (the SYSDBA privilege).

    If you do not create separate OSDBA, OSOPER, and OSASM groups for the Oracle ASM instance, then operating system user accounts that have the SYSOPER and SYSASM privileges must be members of this group. The name used for this group in Oracle code examples is dba. If you do not designate a separate group as the OSASM group, then the OSDBA group you define is also by default the OSASM group.

  • The OSOPER group for Oracle Database (typically, oper)

    OSOPER grants the OPERATOR privilege to start up and shut down the database (the SYSOPER privilege). By default, members of the OSDBA group have all privileges granted by the SYSOPER privilege.