Description of the illustration asoag033.eps

This is a text description of asoag033.gif, an image which shows an example of an enterprise role. This image depicts a section of an Oracle Internet Directory directory information tree where the enterprise roles are stored. A directory information tree is a hierarchical structure that resembles an inverted tree. It contains entries in the directory.

An identity management realm, labeled "Eastern Region," appears at the top of the image. An Oracle Context, a container specifically designed to store Oracle product information in Oracle Internet Directory, branches off from the identity management realm. An enterprise domain labeled "Acme Widgets" branches off from the Oracle Context. The enterprise role labeled "sales_manager" branches off from the enterprise domain. The sales_manager enterprise role contains two database global roles, "manage_leads" and "bonus_approval." The manage_leads global database role is defined in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. The bonus_approval global role is defined in the Finance database. Both databases are registered in the Acme Widgets enterprise domain. When a database is registered in an enterprise domain, an entry for the database is created in the directory. This enables the database to bind with (log in to) the directory.