Description of the illustration em_role_grant1.png

Image em_role_grant1.png shows the Add Authorization dialog box. Components are as follows from top to bottom, left to right:

The label Add Authorization, followed by the text “Use this page to grant Database Vault roles to a user or a role.”

The authorization Attributes label.

The Grantee field, from which you can select a search icon to select available database users.

A list of the roles with check boxes: DV_OWNER, DV_ADMIN, DV_MONITOR, DV_SECANALYST, DV_AUDIT_CLEANUP

A Show SQL button.

The text: “Implicitly granted roles cannot be revoked.

DV_OWNER implicitly grant DV_ADMIN, DV_AUDIT_CLEANUP, and DV_MONITOR roles.

DV_ADMIN implicitly grant DV_SECANALYST role.