Description of the illustration em_role_grant2.png

Image em_role_grant2.png shows a partial view of the Database Vault Role Management page. Components are as follows from top to bottom, left to right:

The label Database Vault Role Management, followed by the text “This page displays users or roles granted with Database Vault roles.”

A Search field for finding grantees, followed by the text “The search returns all matches beginning with the string you enter. you can use the wildcard symbol (&) in the search string.”

The buttons, left to right: View (a menu), Add, Edit, Remove, and Detach.

A table showing the columns Grantee, Grantee Type, DV_OWNER, DV_ADMIN, DV_MONITOR. Under the role names are cells with check marks to indicate if the role has been granted to the user or role listed in the Grantee column.