Provisioning an Oracle Database Using Zip Copy

Starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c Release Update (19.11), Oracle FPP allows you to install the gold images without transferring them to the target host.

This feature is known as zipcopy and you can use it to provision Oracle Database homes. You can also use this feature to provision Oracle Grid Infrastructure homes that exists on the target hosts, but not to provision new Oracle Grid Infrastructure homes.
  1. Import a new image from a zip file using the -zip and -location parameters.
    $ rhpctl import image -image DB_1914 -zip /orastage/ -location /orastage/
    • -zip specifies the location from which you can import the image to the Oracle FPP server.
    • -location specifies a location where the image is available on the target host as a zip file. Oracle FPP does not copy the zip file from the Oracle FPP server to the target host.


    You can make the image zip files available on the target hosts using either local or shared storage.
  2. Inspect the images on your Oracle Fleet Patching and Provisioning Server.
    $ rhpctl query image -image DB_1914
    Make sure the Location on target value is available in the image query results.
  3. Provision the working copy created using the zip file.
    $ rhpctl add workingcopy -image DB_1914 -workingcopy fppc01_DB_1914 -user oracle -oraclebase /u01/app/oracle 
    -client  dbSyslrfe3mla -path /u01/app/oracle/product/ -localmount -location /orastage/ 
    -groups osdba=dba,osoper=dbaoper,osdg=dba,osbackup=dba,oskm=dba,osrac=dba -storagetype LOCAL

    fppc01_DB_1914 is the working copy based on the image DB_1914.