Installation Requirements for Programming Environments for HP-UX Itanium Systems

Ensure that your system meets the requirements for the programming environment you want to configure.

Table 3-2 Requirements for Programming Environments for HP-UX Itanium Systems

Programming Environments Support Requirements
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) / Oracle Call Interface (OCI) JDK 8 ( or later) with the JNDI extension with Oracle Java Database Connectivity and Oracle Call Interface drivers.


These are not mandatory for the database installation.

Oracle C++

Oracle C++ Call Interface


Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK)

Compiler Version: A.06.28

Patch for HP-UX 11i V3 (11.31) on HP-UX Itanium:

  • PHSS_40631 - 11.31 HP C/aC++ Compiler (A.06.24)

  • PHSS_40633 - 11.31 u2comp/be/plugin (C.06.24)

  • PHSS_43741 - 11.31 aC++ Runtime (IA: A.06.28, PA: A.03.90)


Additional patches may be needed depending on applications you deploy.

Micro Focus Server Express 5.1

Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse 2.2 - Update 2

Micro Focus Visual COBOL v6.0

Pro*FORTRAN HP FORTRAN/90 - Sep 2008 - release
VERITAS File System

PHKL_44199 - 11.31 VRTS 5.0 MP1P13 VRTSvxfs Kernel Patch


The VERITAS file system is optional. This patch is required only if you want to use a VERITAS File System 5.0.
HP Caliper and Gmake

HP Caliper 5.7

Gmake 3.81


gcc 4.2.3


Unzip 6.0 or later.

Unzip is required to extract the image files for Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure installations.