Storage Checklist for Oracle Database Installation

Use this checklist to review storage minimum requirements and assist with configuration planning.

Table 1-5 Storage Checklist for Oracle Database

Check Task
Minimum local disk storage space for Oracle software

At least 7 GB for an Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server installation.
At least 6.8 GB for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
At least 6.09 GB for Oracle Database Standard Edition 2


Oracle recommends that you allocate approximately 100 GB to allow additional space for applying any future patches on top of the existing Oracle home. For specific patch-related disk space requirements, please refer to your patch documentation.
Select Database File Storage Option

Ensure that you have one of the following storage options available:

  • File system mounted on the server. Oracle recommends that the file system you select is separate from the file system used by the operating system or the Oracle software. Options include the following:

    • A file system on a logical volume manager (LVM) volume or a RAID device

    • A network file system (NFS) mounted on a certified network-attached storage (NAS) device

  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM).

    Oracle ASM is installed as part of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. If you plan to use Oracle ASM for storage, then you should install Oracle Grid Infrastructure before you install and create the database.

Determine your recovery plan If you want to enable recovery during installation, then be prepared to select one of the following options:
  • File system: Configure a fast recovery area on a file system during installation

  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management: Configure a fast recovery area disk group using Oracle ASMCA.

Review the storage configuration sections of this document for more information about configuring recovery.