On the left is a box labeled “Background Processes.” Inside are four processes: IMCO, w001, w002, and w003. Arrows point from IMCO to the wnnn processes. A dotted line leads from the Background Processes box to the large In-Memory Area box in the middle of the diagram. It contains two boxes: Columnar Data, and Metadata. Within Columnar Data are two IMCU boxes. Each IMCU box points right to an IMEU box. In the Metadata box are two SMU boxes. On the far right is a Foreground Processes box that contains one Queries box and one DML box. The Queries box receives arrows lead from IMCU and IMEU. The DML box has two Invalidations arrows pointing to the SMU boxes. The IMEU box points to the Queries box, with an arrow labeled “Scans.” An IMCU points to the Queries box with an arrow labeled “Scans.” A Database icon points to the In-Memory Area. At the very top of the diagram is a box that contains “Expression Statistics Store (ESS) and User-Defined Virtual Columns.” This box points down to IMEU.