About Image-Based Oracle Database Client Installation

Starting with Oracle Database 19c, installation and configuration of Oracle Database Client software is simplified with image-based installation.

To install Oracle Database Client, create the new Oracle home, extract the image file into the newly-created Oracle home, and run the setup wizard to register the Oracle Database product.

You must extract the image software (client_home.zip) into the directory where you want your Oracle Database Client home to be located, and then run the Setup Wizard to start the Oracle Database Client installation and configuration. Oracle recommends that the Oracle home directory path you create is in compliance with the Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture recommendations.

Using image-based installation, you can install Oracle Database Client 32-bit and 64-bit configurations of the Administrator installation type.

As with Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure image file installations, Oracle Database Client image installations simplify Oracle Database Client installations and ensure best practice deployments. Oracle Database Client installation binaries continue to be available in the traditional format as non-image zip files.