Description of the illustration lnoci040.eps

This illustration shows how direct path loading data flows from the client side to the server side. On the client side of the illustration, a small box labelled “data” shows a downward pointing arrow pointing to a box labelled “input buffer” and continues to a box labelled “column array” indicating that data enters a column array through an input buffer. The OCIDirPathColArrayToStream() call represented by an arrow labelled “ColumnArrayToStream” flows from the box labelled “column array” on the client side to a box labelled “stream format” on the server side indicating the data moves from the client side to the server side through stream formats. The data then flows on the server side through a box labelled “two-task” and an adjoining box labelled “stream format” to a box labelled “column array” indicating the data passes to a column array. From the box labelled “column array” the data flows to a database table shown by an arrow labelled block formatter, indicating the column array uses a block formatter to send the data to the database table.