Description of the illustration cncpt340.eps

This graphic shows a cylinder representing a container database. On the right side of the database are the following local users: hr in hrpdb, hr in salespdb, rep in salespdb, and rep in hrpdb. Each of these users points to the appropriate schema in the appropriate PDB. Within the CDB is a three-dimensional box labeled "Root(CDB$ROOT)." Plugged in to the root are three PDBs: Seed (PDB$SEED), hrpdb, and salespdb. The root box contains the schemas SYS, c##dba, and PUBLIC. On the left of the CDB are the common users SYS and c##dba. User SYS points to a SYS schema in the root and in each PDB. The c##dba user points to the schema in the root, in hrpdb, and salespdb. The root and each PDB contains a schema named "PUBLIC." Seed contains the schemas PUBLIC and SYS.