New Database Initialization Parameter and View for Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP)

A new database initialization parameter, DRCP_DEDICATED_OPT, has been added to configure Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP). Authentication server statistics can be viewed using the new V$AUTHPOOL_STATS view.

With DRCP, when the number of application connections to the broker is less than the maximum pool size, a "dedicated optimization" makes DRCP behave like dedicated servers. With this optimization, DRCP tends towards a one-to-one correspondence between application connections and DRCP server processes even if those processes are not currently doing database work. Setting DRCP_DEDICATED_OPT to NO turns off the optimization and reduces the tendency of the pool to grow towards its maximum size until necessary. This helps keep the number of DRCP server processes small when statement execution concurrency is low, therefore reducing memory usage on the database host.