Starting and Shutting Down a Database Using Services

Learn how to start and shut down a database using services.

You can start or shut down Oracle Database by starting or stopping the service OracleServiceSID in the Control Panel. Starting OracleServiceSID is equivalent to using the STARTUP command or manually entering:

C:\> oradim -STARTUP -SID SID [-STARTTYPE srvc | inst | srvc,inst] [-PFILE 
filename | -SPFILE]

Stopping OracleServiceSID is equivalent to using the SHUTDOWN command or manually entering:

C:\> oradim -SHUTDOWN -SID SID [-SHUTTYPE srvc | inst | srvc,inst] [-SHUTMODE 
normal | immediate | abort]

You can enable starting and stopping Oracle Database through OracleServiceSID by setting registry parameters.

Setting Registry Parameters

To start or stop Oracle Database through Oracle Database services, set the following registry parameters to the indicated values:


    When set to true, the default value, this parameter causes Oracle Database to start when OracleServiceSID is started.


    This parameter sets the full path to the initialization parameter file. If this entry is not present, then ORADIM tries to start the database with an SPFILE or PFILE from ORACLE_HOME\database.


    When set to true, this parameter enables the selected instance of Oracle Database to be shut down when OracleServiceSID is stopped. This includes any database in the current Oracle home. The default value is false.


    When set to true, the default value, this parameter causes the instance of Oracle Database identified by the SID value to shut down when OracleServiceSID is stopped manually—using either the Control Panel or Net stop command.


    If ORA_SHUTDOWN or ORA_SID_SHUTDOWN is set to false, then manually shutting down OracleServiceSID still shuts down Oracle Database. But it is an abnormal shutdown, and Oracle does not recommend it.

The following two registry parameters are optional:


    This parameter controls database shutdown mode. Set it to a (abort), i (immediate), or n (normal). The default mode is i (immediate) if you do not set this parameter.


    This parameter sets the maximum time to wait before the service for a particular SID stops.

The registry location of these required and optional parameters are determined by the number of Oracle home directories on your computer. If you have only one Oracle home directory, then these parameters belong in:


If you have multiple Oracle home directories, then these parameters belong in:


The variable ID is incremented for each additional Oracle home directory on your computer.


If you use ORADIM to create or edit instances, then it automatically sets the relevant registry parameters to their appropriate values.

Starting or Stopping OracleServiceSID from the Control Panel

  1. To start the database, start OracleServiceSID.

    This automatically starts ORADIM and enters the -STARTUP command using the initialization parameter file identified by ORA_SID_PFILE.

  2. To stop the database, stop OracleServiceSID.

    This automatically stops ORADIM, which enters the -SHUTDOWN command in the mode indicated by ORA_SID_SHUTDOWNTYPE, and shuts down Oracle Database.

    See Also:

    Your operating system documentation for instructions on starting and stopping services.