This method returns the type of the specified column.


// C#
public override Type GetFieldType(int index);


  • index

    The zero-based column index.

Return Value

The type of the default .NET type of the column.




InvalidOperationException - The reader is closed, or the specified column is a UDT but no registered custom type mapping exists for the UDT.

IndexOutOfRangeException - The column index is invalid.


GetFieldType returns a type that corresponds to the value that the application obtains after invoking the GetValue accessor or Item property on the OracleDataReader. For example, if the column is a string, this method returns a .NET Type object for a .NET string.

If the attribute is a UDT, this method may return either of the following:

  • A .NET Type of the custom type if a custom type mapping exists for the Oracle object or collection.

  • A .NET Type of string if the column is an Oracle REF.