This method returns the Guid value of the specified binary data column. A GUID is a Globally Unique Identifier.


// C#
public override Guid GetGuid(int index);


  • index

    The zero-based column index.

Return Value

The Guid value of the column.




InvalidOperationException - The connection is closed, the reader is closed, Read() has not been called, or all rows have been read.

IndexOutOfRangeException - The column index is invalid.

InvalidCastException - The accessor method is invalid for this column type or the column value is NULL.

System.ArgumentException - Byte array for GUID must be exactly 16 bytes long.


  • This method can be called on columns that contain binary data, such as RAW and BLOB.

  • An exception will be thrown if the binary data of the column is not 16 bytes in length.

  • IsDBNull should be called to check for NULL values before calling this method.