This property specifies the type of grouping notification, which can summarize all notifications during the time period or only the last notification.


// C#
public OracleAQNotificationGroupingType GroupingType {get; set}

Property Value

An OracleAQNotificationGroupingType enum value. The possible enum values are OracleAQNotificationGroupingType.Summary and OracleAQNotificationGroupingType.Last.


The default value is OracleAQNotificationGroupingType.Summary.

Modifying this property after the completion of a successful registration has no effect.

OracleAQNotificationGroupingType.Summary : All notifications in the group are summarized into a single notification.


The single notification does not include ROWIDs, even if ROWID information was requested to be returned.

OracleAQNotificationGroupingType.Last : Only the last notification in the group is published. The earlier ones discarded.