Description of the illustration dbr_process_deploy_clients.gif

Refresh, Cancel, and Continue buttons appear on the upper right portion of the page.

A Workload Capture heading appears on the left side of the page below these buttons, and the text that follows reads "Select a capture to be replayed on the test database. Select a database target type and enter a database target name. Click Go to see a list of captures for a database."

The following elements appear below this text:

Target Type drop-down with Database Instance selected.

Target Name input field with cdb entered. A clickable magnifying glass icon appears to the right of this field, and a Go button appears to the right of the icon.

Capture drop-down with myCDBCapture (Sep 17, 2012 7:28:01 PM PDT) selected.

Replay Database Version drop-down with selected.

Total Number of CPU Cores Needed read-only field shows 1.

A tip appears next that reads "It is recommended that you use a total of at least 1 CPU core(s) to run the Replay Clients for the selected capture. Deploy the Replay Client to one or more hosts depending on the number of CPU cores available on each host.

The Capture Summary section shows values for the Database Name, Capture Database Version, Cluster Database, DBID, Start Time, and Start SCN fields.

End of description.