Description of the illustration dbr_process_select_dir.gif

An information message appears at the top of the page that states "The workload directory has been successfully copied."

Below the message, the page provides values for the Database, Version, Replay Name, and Logged In As fields.

The upper right portion of the page states "Step 3 of 5," a Cancel button and a Back button appear to the left of this text, and a Next button appears to the right of this text.

The bottom part of the page contains the following text: "Select a directory object that contains multiple subdirectories of captured workloads. Additional directory objects for the subdirectories may be created based on the selected directory object name."

A Directory Object drop-down appears below this text, with a clickable magnifying glass icon to the right of the drop-down. A Create Directory Object button appears to the right of the icon.

End of description.