Use the DROP CATALOG command to remove the recovery catalog.

See Also:

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery User’s Guideto learn how to drop the recovery catalog


Execute this command only at the RMAN prompt.

You must be connected to the recovery catalog schema with the CATALOG command-line option or the CONNECT CATALOG command. The recovery catalog database must be open.

You do not have to be connected to a target database.

Usage Notes

After you execute DROP CATALOG, RMAN prompts you to enter the command again to confirm that you want to perform the operation.

To bypass the command confirmation step, execute the DROP CATALOG command with the NOPROMPT option when you run it the first time.

A base recovery catalog is created with CREATE CATALOG. To drop the base recovery catalog, execute DROP CATALOG while connected to the recovery catalog database as the recovery catalog owner.


When you drop the base recovery catalog, all RMAN metadata is removed from the recovery catalog. Any backups recorded in the recovery catalog but not in a target database control are not usable by RMAN.

When connected to a virtual private catalog, the DROP CATALOG command does not remove the base recovery catalog itself, but only drops the security policies that are used to restrict user access to the base catalog..


Bypasses the confirmation step while dropping a catalog.