DBA_GOLDENGATE_NOT_UNIQUE displays all tables that have no primary and no non-null unique indexes.

Most of the tables displayed by this view are supported because their columns contain enough information to be maintained by Oracle GoldenGate. Some tables, however, cannot be supported because their columns do not contain the necessary information. Unsupported tables usually contain a column defined using an unsupported data type.

Column Datatype NULL Description



Schema name of the non-unique table



Table name of the non-unique table



Indicates that the table has a column not useful in the where clause. Possible values:

  • Y - Table column is defined using an unbounded data type, such as LONG or BLOB. If two rows in the table match except in their LOB columns, then the table cannot be maintained properly. Log apply services will attempt to maintain these tables, but you must ensure the application does not allow uniqueness only in the unbounded columns.

  • N - Enough column information is present to maintain the table in Oracle GoldenGate but the log transport services and log apply services would run more efficiently if you added a primary key. You should consider adding a disabled RELY constraint to these tables.