DB_WRITER_PROCESSES specifies the initial number of Database Writer Processes for an instance. This parameter is useful for systems that modify data heavily.

Property Description

Parameter type


Default value

1 or CPU_COUNT / 8, whichever is greater. If the number of processor groups is less than 100 but greater than the number of Database Writer Processes, then the number of Database Writer Processes is adjusted to be a multiple of the number of processor groups. If the number of Database Writer Processes is greater than or equal to the number of processor groups, then there is no adjustment.

For Oracle Solaris on SPARC systems, the default value of this parameter is calculated using an internal algorithm.



Modifiable in a PDB


Range of values

1 to 100



There can be 1 to 100 Database Writer Processes. The names of the first 36 Database Writer Processes are DBW0-DBW9 and DBWa-DBWz. The names of the 37th through 100th Database Writer Processes are BW36-BW99.

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