TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER specifies a custom identifier that becomes part of the Oracle Trace file name. Such a custom identifier is used to identify a trace file simply from its name and without having to open it or view its contents.
Property Description

Parameter type




Default value

There is no default value.



Modifiable in a PDB


Range of values

Any characters that can occur as part of a file name on the customer platform



Each time this parameter is dynamically modified, the next trace dump will be written to a trace file which has the new parameter value embedded in its name. Trace file continuity information is automatically added to both the old and new trace files to indicate that these trace files belong to the same process.

This parameter can only be used to change the name of the foreground process' trace file; the background processes continue to have their trace files named in the regular format. For foreground processes, the TRACEID column of the V$PROCESS view contains the current value of the TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER parameter. When this parameter value is set, the trace file name has the following format:


In this example, sid is the Oracle instance ID, pid is the process ID, and traceid is the value of the TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER parameter.

See Also:

  • Oracle Database SQL Tuning Guide for more information about this parameter

  • This parameter is not supported on all operating systems. See your operating system-specific Oracle documentation for more information.