12 SQL*Plus Command Reference

This chapter contains descriptions of the SQL*Plus commands listed alphabetically. Each description contains the following parts:

Section Description


Shows how to enter the command and provides a brief description of the basic uses of the command.


Describes the function of each term or clause appearing in the syntax.


Provides additional information on uses of the command and on how the command works.


Gives one or more examples of the command.

You can continue a long SQL*Plus command by typing a hyphen at the end of the line and pressing Return. If you wish, you can type a space before typing the hyphen. SQL*Plus displays a right angle-bracket (>) as a prompt for each additional line.

You do not need to end a SQL*Plus command with a semicolon. When you finish entering the command, you can press Return. If you wish, however, you can enter a semicolon at the end of a SQL*Plus command.