Chopt Tool

Use the chopt tool after installation to add or remove Oracle Database options.


The chopt tool is a command-line utility that enables and disables database options.


If you install or clone an Oracle Database image, then all Oracle Database options are enabled by default.


You must complete installation before you can use the chopt tool.

File Path

The tool is located in the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory


chopt [enable | disable] db_option


Command Option Description

Oracle OLAP


Oracle Partitioning


Oracle Real Application Testing


  • When you enable or disable OLAP, you must run the SYS.XOQ_VALIDATE and SYS.APS_VALIDATE procedures to update the database registry. When you disable OLAP, its status in the database registry should be OPTION OFF and when you enable OLAP, its status in the database registry should be VALID.
  • The Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA) feature is enabled by default for Oracle Database. You cannot disable it using the chopt tool.


To use the chopt tool to modify your Oracle Database, you must shut down the database before you run the chopt tool, and then start up the database after you add or remove database options.

Example 12-1 Enabling Oracle Real Application Testing Using chopt

The following example shows how to use the chopt tool to enable the Oracle Real Application Testing option in an Oracle Database called Sales:

srvctl stop database -d Sales
chopt enable rat
srvctl start database -d Sales