Verifying Operating System Packages on Oracle Solaris

To check if your operating system has the required Oracle Solaris 11 packages for installation, run the following commands:

  1. To determine if the required packages are installed on Oracle Solaris 11:
    # /usr/bin/pkg verify [-Hqv] [pkg_pattern ...]
    • The -H option omits the headers from the verification output.

    • The -q option prints nothing but return failure if any fatal errors are found.

    • The -v option includes informational messages regarding packages.

    If a package that is required for your system architecture is not installed, then download and install it from My Oracle Support:


There may be more recent versions of packages listed installed on the system. If a listed patch is not installed, then determine if a more recent version is installed before installing the version listed. Refer to your operating system documentation for information about installing packages.